Friday, December 31, 2010

Unity3D - far more than just walk through

another program i'm interested in is unity3d. for my investigations on virtual reality it will be the main program i will use. there are also possibilities to use unity3d for augmented reality but i will talk about that in a later post.
in general unity3d is a well established game engine. it has already been used for architectural visualizations because especially first person walk-troughs with very satisfying graphical experience are relatively easy to create.

i know that there is quite a big number of game engines available today but unity3d has some big advantages. first of all they have a great, very helpful community. this is very valuable when it comes to problem solving. usually you will get response within a few hours.
the second one is that, due to the variety of supported scripting languages, many programmers provide plugins or scripts to increase the possibilities for each of us. they are also very quick in adopting new technologies like the xbox360 cinect to name a recent example.
another great thing is the fact, that they offer a free version of unity3d. of course it has some limitations, like no support for real time shadows, but it's still a fantastic program to work. you can also try the pro version for 30 days!
the last fact i want to mention is the possibility to publish to multiple platforms. among them are windows and mac standalone versions, a webplayer, iOS, android, and some game consoles.

for some examples of what you can do with unity3d you can have a look at their gallery. to do this you have to download and install the webplayer.

as i'm currently working a lot with unity3d there will be more posts soon.

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