Friday, December 17, 2010

augmented reality in an urban scale

i'll present you two platforms for mobile devices that i want to investigate during the next weeks according to their possibilities in presenting architectural projects. they have quite a similar approach, but offer different possibilities.

the first platform i want to show is wikitude. the basic idea is that you get overlay tags to your live camera view. the information for these tags is taken from a wide range of databases. according to the interest of the user they are shown or not. the used databases include wikipedia, twitter, youtube, Flickr, archINFORM and many more. some of them prepare global content and location based information, but there are also examples where wikitude is used as a navigation help. one would be the University of Bath. they put tags for their main campus buildings into wikitude.

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the second platform is layar. they have an even larger number of databases connected. especially many companies use it to guide customers to their shops. even though they look similar at first sight there are two obvious differences. one is, that you could offer paid content at layar. the second one is much more interesting for architectural visualisation. layar gives you the chance to place textured 3d models with geo-coordinates. the restrictions to these 3d models are a maximum of 5000 polygons and a texture size of up to 512x512px. this doesn't allow high quality models to be placed but i think it would be worth to give it a try.

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if you didn't do already you can search for these apps on your smartphone. both are available for android and iphone.

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