Friday, January 21, 2011

augmented reality preview 2 - virtual buttons

i just uploaded my second sample video. this one is about the concept and use of virtual buttons. they are user defined areas of the trackable, that react to occlusion. if occluded they can be used to trigger any event that one could implement in the unity3d platform. and there are a lot!

something i didn't mention in the clip is that this time, in order to reference the area of the buttons in relation to the trackable, i needed to work with real world dimensions. this means that i can exactly define how big a certain 3d element in my application will be related to a real object in my scene. this might not sound too important at the moment, but one of the things i try to do is a combination of real model and augmented 3d geometry. I will make some more tests on the reliability of the scale but this would be essential for such a combination.

for any questions, suggestions or further discussion, please leave a comment. i'm very interested in your opinion!


  1. How about making the buttons instead of occlusion based, image based like the tracking picture .. make them a dynamic tracking image. If the button looks green then the model stays on and remembers the state even if the button goes out of view and turns off when the button is red, again remembering the last state.

  2. nice idea, this could definitely work. but at the same time this approach would make the control much more complicated because you would have to have two images (one for each color of the button) for each of the buttons. this might result in being easily confused...i guess...

  3. Ok then take some coloured marker caps one green and one red .. put them on your fingers and use that instead,same pinciple with remembering states, also you could use them for tracking purpouses. Cheers.